Fiji Airport and Hotel Guide

Along with the main airports of Nadi and Naurori there are 13 smaller airstrips on the outer islands of Fiji besides the two main international airports at Nadi and Nausori.

Nadi International Airport - Tourism Gateway

Nadi International airport is the mail airport in Fiji. The influx of tourists has also seen to a rise in a number of good hotels, motels and restaurants in the area.

Fiji Hotel Guide

The International Airport located in Nadi is the hub of Fiji Islands tourism. Travellers arrive in NADI at the airport and can find all a variety of accommodation within a close taxi ride. And venture out the the outer islands of Fiji via boat, helocopter or plane.

Outer Island Airport and Hotel Guide

These are Labasa, Savusavu, Matei, Rotuma, Koro, Gau, Bureta, Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, Cicia, Moala and Kadavu.

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Fiji Airports

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